Funny Friday: Survey 2020

Taking the pulse of the world. With my love of surveys. with a few of “The Miniscules” sprinkled throughout.

Thanks for participating!

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Creations from Quarantine

Today I am going to share some of the poems that I wrote this year. Most writing, like music, art, and all the other expressions are meant to be shared-I say most because there are some on my creations that are just for me to enjoy.

2020 is a year that will not be forgotten, although many of us probably would like to. We are all waiting for that arbitrary date of December 31, 2020, so that we can put this year behind us. Things will change-hopefully, and the world will move forward.

Here are some of my creations inspired by 2020.

Written after the murder of George Floyd and the ensuing protests:

I wrote this after seeing news stories about the environment during the lockdown. Smog levels in major cities were falling, you could see the summit of Mt. Everest for the first time in many years, wildlife began to take back parks, trails, and harbors, and bees were enjoying all the wildflowers that normally would be mowed. It got me thinking about the positive effects of the lockdown measures.

My cartoon, “The Miniscules,” were affected as well.

I wrote a few blogs on my website-mostly satirical/humorous. Here are some favorites:

How to Shop Without Looking Like a Doomsday Prepper

Spring Cleaning: Isolation Edition 


Fitter or Fatter

And finally, lockdown inspired music. Despite the name, it’s a lively tune!

I hope you have enjoyed my 2020 recap!