Some of my Favorite Writings

Short, Short Stories: Some ideas come to me from time to time, either during a sleepless night, a contemplative walk, or by looking at a picture I’ve just drawn. My stories have a short attention span- say what you are going to say and get out. And some, like dreams, have no obvious conclusion, so let your own imagination finish what I have started.

I have looked at many avenues to reach readers, WordPress being the latest. I started writing on sites like Commaful, Booksie, Wattpad, and Vocal before coming across Some of the articles that I wrote were re-worked blog posts or guest posts from other sites. I do get paid/read, but you don’t have to pay since they issue free friend links!

I hope that you will check some of them out.

Life Lessons Learned from Exercising

Music and Poetry: The Connection – Guest post from Spinesinaline

Music and Writing in Quarantine – Another guest post from Spinesinaline

Leon Stevens, Author, interviews Leon Stevens, Reader – Yes, I interviewed myself!

Addiction – Poem

Reasonable Hand-drawn Facsimile -One of my Sci-fi stories

The Great (and not so great) Debates – Humor

Never the Same – poem w/ music

Drops in the Ocean – Poem

Blogbandonment – poem and post about Book bloggers

Homeschooling : It doesn’t have to feel like work! – Humor