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I have been doing a lot of cross-promotion through the website StoryOrigin and now, BookFunnel. Authors pool their connections and readers to reach a larger audience.

Authors offer free sample books, review opportunities, sales announcements, and Kindle Unlimited titles.

Here are the campaigns I am part of and the authors that are sharing each others works. Some free book offers require a newsletter sign-up, which is a small non-monetary price to pay to try out a new indie author.

February/March Promos

Free Books

March 15 StoryOrigin
March 15 BookFunnel

Kindle Unlimited

Starts March 1
Ends March 31

Sales/Purchase Links

March 22 Purchase links StoryOrigin

Coming Soon!

March 8

Kindle Unlimited

Free Books

Sales/Purchase links

Coming Soon!

April 5 StoryOrigin
April 1 (no foolin’) StoryOrigin
May 4 StoryOrigin

Are you a new author? Have a free book you want featured? Contact me:

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