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I have been doing a lot of cross-promotion through the website StoryOrigin. Authors pool their connections and readers to reach a larger audience.

Authors offer free sample books, review opportunities, sales announcements, and Kindle Unlimited titles. Here are the campaigns I am part of and the authors that are sharing each others works.

National Poetry Month: Five authors submitting sample books for you to try.

Free Books

Links for my books at the bottom of this page.

27 is an important year. It’s either the best year of your life or you die. A collection of poems from the year I started living.

Ending March 31

Kindle Unlimited

Review Copies

Want to review my poetry book? Write me a poem or a paragraph telling me why and I’ll send you a free review copy. Or you can support me by purchasing your own signed paperback copy (US/CND) for a chance to win your purchase.

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The Good and the Evil is a collection of poetry and prose about surviving society’s evils while striving to obtain the necessary virtuous aspects of life.
Poetry that takes the ordinary to the extraordinary, one verse at a time. Emotive. Romantic. Erotic. And everything in between.


Bleeding Flowers is a collection of poems, some are true events—all are true feelings.