Discover New Authors and Free Books

I have been doing a lot of cross-promotion through the website StoryOrigin and now, BookFunnel. Authors pool their connections and readers to reach a larger audience.

Authors offer free sample books, review opportunities, sales announcements, and Kindle Unlimited titles. Here are the campaigns I am part of and the authors that are sharing each others works.

Free Books

Kindle Unlimited


Ends May 31

Another May the 4th promo on BookFunnel (no banner)

Discover New Authors (Sales Links)

None at the moment

Other Books of Note

None at the moment.

Coming Soon:

May 14 (Free)

KU Titles

(StoryOrigin) May 21 – July 25
(BookFunnel) May 21 – July 31
May 23 – July 31

Purchase Links

Are you a new author? Have a free book you want featured? Contact me: