Weekend Wrap-up March 11: It started with a … another Amazon fiasco.

“We are excited to inform you the following title(s) is included in the Prime Reading program on Amazon.com from 1-Mar-2023 to 31-May-2023. No action is required on your part. Title: The View from Here: A Science Fiction Novella(ASIN: B09PC3N678)” Great. So, on March 1st, I searched my book, but there was no indication that myContinue reading “Weekend Wrap-up March 11: It started with a … another Amazon fiasco.”

Weird Wednesday March 8: Cartoons and Coincidences

Ends 8 PST/ 11 EST Monday was weird. First, as soon I posted my Music Monday feature on the Canadian band Dizzy, their song, Birthmark came on the radio. Second, I was thinking about an idea for my Miniscules cartoon and I came up with this: I posted it on Instagram and the post belowContinue reading “Weird Wednesday March 8: Cartoons and Coincidences”

Weekend Wrap-up March 4

My best one yet? I have conducted many interviews over the last two years with different authors, and I have always tried to put a humorous spin on them. Not having all the same questions makes each interview unique as well. I started the interview feature by interviewing myself, first as a reader, then asContinue reading “Weekend Wrap-up March 4”

Weird Wednesday March 1: Cartoons and Book sale (oh, and that whole rewriting books thing.)

Starts 8 PST/ 11 EST First Dr. Seuss, then Roald Dahl, now Ian Fleming, and I’m sure there has been and will be others. Do I have an opinion on the revising of books to remove offensive language and revised to reflect the different views of today? I do. Well? Oh, you wanted to hearContinue reading “Weird Wednesday March 1: Cartoons and Book sale (oh, and that whole rewriting books thing.)”

Weekend Wrap-up Feb 25: Great Expectations

The book? No. Just my hopes. I knew being a self-publish author was going to be difficult. There is so much competition out there, and readers can only read so many books. There was always the hope that the right person reads your book and gives an endorsement, what Canadian author, David Chilton, coined “TheContinue reading “Weekend Wrap-up Feb 25: Great Expectations”

Weird Wednesday Feb 22: Cartoons and Monkeys

Breaking up is hard to do unless the who is Mailchimp and the why is that they will be charging for what was free. Most authors have a mailing list and most of those most use the free version of any one of a number of emailing hosts, MailChimp and MailerLite being two of theContinue reading “Weird Wednesday Feb 22: Cartoons and Monkeys”

Weekend Wrap-up Feb 18: Thresholds

There were thresholds that we never thought could be broken. The 4 minute-mile, the sound barrier, the world’s population going beyond 8 billion, and now … I went to the grocery store yesterday to buy—wait for it—groceries. I picked up a litre (liter) of milk (1 quart) and the price was—wait for it— $2.01 IfContinue reading “Weekend Wrap-up Feb 18: Thresholds”

Weekend Wrap-up Feb 11: Trailer version II

On the advice of several authors and readers, I edited the book trailer I created this week. It is slightly shorter, less wordy (with more legible font), and a tad more sci-fiey (sci-fiey? Yeah, that’s a word, sure.) Can you read two novellas before book three comes out on April 17? The View from HereContinue reading “Weekend Wrap-up Feb 11: Trailer version II”

Weekend Wrap-up Feb 3: You know that groundhogs hibernate, right?

I know that I get grumpy if I get woken up early … And did you also know the first animal they tried was a bobcat, and that, let’s just say … didn’t go too well. -Leon From my blog: Free Book Friday Feb 3: Brrr…Weird Wednesday Feb 1: Cartoons and TemperatureMusic Monday Jan. 30:Continue reading “Weekend Wrap-up Feb 3: You know that groundhogs hibernate, right?”