Tuesday Tidbits: NaPoWriMo catch-up

Inspiration often hits when you are not looking for it. I spent some time at my parent’s place, in the middle of nowhere some might say, but I think it is in the middle of somewhere wonderful, on a lake, surrounded by trees, with no neighbors. There was still ice on the bay, so aContinue reading “Tuesday Tidbits: NaPoWriMo catch-up”

Tuesday Tidbits: NaPoWriMo (Day whatever) / Free book update

Oh, grumpy cat . . . I decided not to pressure myself to write 30 poems this month. It’s pretty nice, but here is one I wrote on day three: Free book promo: I recently ran a free book promotion for my new poetry collection, A Wonder of Words. Like many self published authors, IContinue reading “Tuesday Tidbits: NaPoWriMo (Day whatever) / Free book update”

Tuesday Tidbits: Those Pesky Commas

I am currently using Grammarly as my writing editor, not to replace my IRL editor, Doreen, but to make her life easier so she doesn’t have to read grammatically incorrect sentences. Have you ever read the style guides (The Chicago Manual of Style for example)? Wow, what a dry read. No cliffhangers, lacking in definitiveContinue reading “Tuesday Tidbits: Those Pesky Commas”

Thursday Tirade: Amazon (yes, them again)

Cut and Run After two years of fighting with Amazon (don’t we all?), I finally decided to unpublish my poetry reader magnet from their platform. “Oh, no!” the Amazon executives exclaim. “An unknown indie author—and a poet no less—is taking their free book off of KDP. We are ruined!” [uproarious laughter] Yeah. I’m hitting themContinue reading “Thursday Tirade: Amazon (yes, them again)”

Tuesday Tirade: Word Documents

Adding page numbers to a Word document. Does that send shivers up your spine? Induce a feeling of nausea? Make you utter words that you never want to say in front of your mother? Bring on a headache? Cause you to run away screaming or just sit and pull on your hair? If you answeredContinue reading “Tuesday Tirade: Word Documents”