Tuesday Tirade: Avocado Woe

There are worse things in life than a bland avocado, but when you are looking forward to an avocado and tomato sandwich, and the avocado is pale and has no taste, the enjoyment of breakfast has been thwarted. With the transportation of fruits and vegetables from all over the world, eating fresh is a lotContinue reading “Tuesday Tirade: Avocado Woe”

Tuesday Tidbits: Not so seriously, folks.

I discovered that sometimes Amazon will print paperback copies and if they don’t sell them, they’ll want to get rid of them. So, their miscalculation of the popularity of my book, The View from Here, is your gain. Unfortunately it is only available to order on the US site, but at $4.36, it’s a prettyContinue reading “Tuesday Tidbits: Not so seriously, folks.”

Tuesday Tidbits: Author Interviews

When are you going to do another interview?Why do you ask?Umm . . . in order to find out. Well, I have a few lined up starting next week. Are you interviewing or being interviewed?Those ones will be me conducting the interview, but I just did one for The Bookshelf Cafe News.The Bookshelf Cafe News?Continue reading “Tuesday Tidbits: Author Interviews”

Tuesday Tirade: Cyclists and Pedestrians

I haven’t written a tirade in about a month. Must mean I’m happy about everything, right? I was cycling the other day and the slower cyclist in front of me was straddling the center line on the path, so I rang my bell (yes, I have one. Beats yelling—more on the later) and he movedContinue reading “Tuesday Tirade: Cyclists and Pedestrians”

Tuesday Tirade: A sequence of unfortunate events.

Event #1: Truck will not start.Event #2: Lifting the hood reveals interior hood insulation shredded by squirrels.Event #3: Called for a tow ($120).Event #4: Mechanic informs me that the fuel pump needs to be replaced and repair time is two days.Event #5: Cancelled jobs I needed to drive to.Event #6: Truck repaired ($1000).Event #7: DuringContinue reading “Tuesday Tirade: A sequence of unfortunate events.”

Tuesday Tirade: Shopping. No Sir, I don’t like it.*

I used to shop with a list. I would look in my fridge, freezer, and cupboards, then write down items I was low on, needed, and could use. Now, as I walk through the store, I shake my head at some of the prices—usually in the produce and meat department, and that list is noContinue reading “Tuesday Tirade: Shopping. No Sir, I don’t like it.*”

Tuesday Tidbits: Kindle Unlimited

I looked at my KDP dashboard to see if I had any sales or page reads, and saw that a reader had read four pages of my latest poetry collection. Four pages? I had to look to see what the first four pages consisted of. Counting the cover (does that count?) the reader made itContinue reading “Tuesday Tidbits: Kindle Unlimited”

Tuesday Tirade: The Perils of Spring

Spring. If you live where you have snow during the winter, then you know that once it starts to melt, you are in for a treat if you are a pedestrian or a cyclist. I try to cycle on the road as much as possible, but if it is not safe, I’ll ride on theContinue reading “Tuesday Tirade: The Perils of Spring”