Terse Verse Tuesday: Poems and Tears

I made my beta readers cry. When I wrote the final two chapters of my trilogy, I admit I did tear up a bit. Chalk it up to investing two years with my characters and trying to come up with a fitting ending to a story that creates a satisfying conclusion. When I received theContinue reading “Terse Verse Tuesday: Poems and Tears”

Thursday Thoughts: Either Or (Or, what I’ve learned after watching a World Cup game . . . oops, match)

Either football players are either very, very good … actors? Or, Football players are very, very …fragile? Here’s a [clears throat] true story [rolls eyes]. I was at the store the other day when another customer passed me in the aisle, their long coat brushing against my leg. I immediately dropped to the floor clutchingContinue reading “Thursday Thoughts: Either Or (Or, what I’ve learned after watching a World Cup game . . . oops, match)”

Tuesday Tirade: Flash Sales and Extra Punctuation

I’m not mad at Amazon for putting my paperback on sale, I just wish they would tell me, so I can inform readers. They’d make more sales that way, right? Want to read the first story? It is one of my shortest and gave me the title for the book. The Knot at the EndContinue reading “Tuesday Tirade: Flash Sales and Extra Punctuation”

Thursday Thoughts: About time for another Amazon rant?

What’s a week (or month) without a head-scratching, eye-rolling, why-did-you-make-it-like-that-it-makes-no-sense opinion piece. Categories. When you publish on Amazon, you get to choose two categories for your book to be hidden in (Sarcastic? Yes.) for readers to find. Some are short and simple: Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Science Fiction & Fantasy Although, is itContinue reading “Thursday Thoughts: About time for another Amazon rant?”

Thursday Thoughts: Unconventional Marketing Strategies

As an indie author, we are afforded the flexibility to market however we want. As a writer/blogger, I feel it is my duty to entertain readers as much as possible. I also get annoyed when I purchase something and then it goes on sale. If you buy from a store, usually they will refund theContinue reading “Thursday Thoughts: Unconventional Marketing Strategies”

Tuesday Thoughts: Unofficial Reviews

There could be many reasons for this reader to have stopped reading my book, and if they are reading this, thanks for giving me something to write about today, and I sincerely hope that you were interrupted just as you were ready to dive in to my first sci-fi novella. I was told that aboutContinue reading “Tuesday Thoughts: Unofficial Reviews”

Tuesday Tirade: Cycling?

There are many reasons someone might purchase an electric-assist bike. Better for the environment than driving. less sweaty on your morning commute, avoiding the hassle of traffic or public transportation, extending your commutable range, or for health reasons or physical limitations. But . . . If you travel on an active transportation path without beingContinue reading “Tuesday Tirade: Cycling?”