Thursday Thoughts: NaPoWriMo

NaPoWriMo or National Poetry Writing Month challenges anyone to write 30 poems in 30 days. I’ve done it. Not this year—Or last year.Or last year, but I did write more. You can’t force poetry—well, you can, but it is not going to be as good as the thought out, heartfelt words of inspiration. So, IContinue reading “Thursday Thoughts: NaPoWriMo”

Thursday Thoughts: The Cost of Profit (Book ads)

The last time I put my book on sale (99 cents), I paid various companies (Reign of Reads, AuthorsXP, Book Barbarian, Crave Books, DigitalBookSpot) for inclusion in their emails. The result? I paid $130 and made $30 on 35 sales, so it cost me $100. I have had a couple of book 2 purchases inContinue reading “Thursday Thoughts: The Cost of Profit (Book ads)”

Thursday Thoughts: To read or not to read.

I read. Not a lot, but I read. While looking for a new science fiction book, I came across one that sounded familiar. Did I read it before? Nope. I was writing it. I had decided on a premise for my next book, started outlining the plot, wrote some intros and interesting dialogue, and now?Continue reading “Thursday Thoughts: To read or not to read.”

Thursday Thoughts: Tropes

I have to (want to) write a new book. There is only one problem: What’s an original trope?Umm, what the heck is a trope?A trope is the general theme of the plot. There are 7 plots/tropes: Overcoming the Monster, Rags to Riches, The Quest, Voyage and Return, Comedy, Tragedy, Rebirth. Obviously each plot can beContinue reading “Thursday Thoughts: Tropes”

Thursday Thoughts: Poetic License Updated.

Do you ever read your older posts and think that they are, well … not that good? Or, maybe they have merit, but just need a but of tidying up. I throw caution to the wind when I write poetry. I never set out to write a specific form of poetry. The closest I comeContinue reading “Thursday Thoughts: Poetic License Updated.”

Thursday Thoughts: How fast is fast?

299 792 458 m / s If physics is correct, nothing can exceed the speed of light*, so there is a limit to how fast we can go. But I’m not talking about that limit. The first book about running that I read was about breaking the four-minute mile. At the time, people thought it was impossible.Continue reading “Thursday Thoughts: How fast is fast?”

Thursday Thoughts: Survey Says?

Do you like surveys? While conversing on an author marketing support group, I realized that I haven’t created a survey to take the pulse of Lines by Leon Nation* since last May. Someone had asked how authors create engagement and deal with inactive newsletter subscribers. In order to retain readers who “have to” sign upContinue reading “Thursday Thoughts: Survey Says?”

Thursday Thoughts: Book two finished. Kinda.

I wrote the final chapter of book two of my trilogy yesterday. Oh, there is still a lot of revising to do, but with the help of my beta readers, that is coming along well, chapter by chapter. I want to thank my beta readers who not only get an advance look at the book,Continue reading “Thursday Thoughts: Book two finished. Kinda.”