Weekend Wrap-up / NaNoWriMo Day 5

NaNoWriMo Update: 4168 words, 6 cups of coffee (will be 7 soon), and one glass of cabernet. Yes, that was my evening writing session. Other writing news: The novella I started last November is almost ready to go to my editor. Any other writers out there get tired of re-reading their story, looking for errors?Continue reading “Weekend Wrap-up / NaNoWriMo Day 5”

Spooky Sunday / Inktober Day 31(Risk): My First Horror Story (a risk in itself)

My First Horror Story: Ten Years If you haven’t read yesterday’s post yet, take a quick read for an introduction to this one: https://linesbyleon.com/2021/10/30/weekend-wrap-up-inktober-day-30-slither-somewhat-spooky-saturday/ Done? Great. Let’s continue. Is horror much different from post-apocalyptic or science fiction? When I set out to write this one—yesterday—I wanted to make it an homage to the king ofContinue reading “Spooky Sunday / Inktober Day 31(Risk): My First Horror Story (a risk in itself)”

Weekend Wrap-up / Inktober Day 30 (Slither): Somewhat Spooky Saturday

All previous drawings: https://linesbyleon.com/inktober/ Weekend Wrap-up It’s Saturday. “Tell us something we don’t know…” When I realized that Halloween landed on a Sunday—how often does that happen? “More often than when it lands on Friday the 13th. Now, that would be spooky.” Well anyway, I decided to take advantage of the alliterative possibility, and createdContinue reading “Weekend Wrap-up / Inktober Day 30 (Slither): Somewhat Spooky Saturday”

Tuesday Tidbits / Inktober Day 19 (Loop): Too Much or Too Little

Too Much or Too Little I don’t like wasting food. I try to keep the contents of my refrigerator to a minimum, but sometimes the perfect storm arrives. Which has my fridge fuller than usual. A good sale at the grocery store. What I took out from the freezer a few days ago waits patientlyContinue reading “Tuesday Tidbits / Inktober Day 19 (Loop): Too Much or Too Little”

Thursday Thoughts / Inktober Day 7 (Fan): Opinion Media

All previous drawings: https://linesbyleon.com/inktober/ Thursday Thoughts: Opinion Media Was social media inevitable? If it didn’t make money… Should we call it what it really is: Opinion Media? Isn’t that what free speech is? Having a platform for expressing your opinion? Perhaps every post should have a watermark that says, “This is an opinion.” Unless it’sContinue reading “Thursday Thoughts / Inktober Day 7 (Fan): Opinion Media”

Thursday Thoughts: National Day for Truth and Reconciliation

It’s been a long time coming. The treatment of Indigenous people in Canada has been in the news more often lately. Most recently, the discovery of unmarked graves at several residential schools thrust the news of mistreatment to the forefront, maybe to a whole generation that may not have known of the disgraceful Canada’s past.Continue reading “Thursday Thoughts: National Day for Truth and Reconciliation”

Tuesday Tirade: Newer is better?

New shoes never feel like the old ones. Cutting onions with a new knife takes getting used to. Two things that took me way too long to replace—now my bike helmet is next on the list. But I digress. Wait. Did I really? Because I haven’t even started on the main topic. Which is: NailContinue reading “Tuesday Tirade: Newer is better?”

Monday Musing: 12 and 12

We observed the Autumnal Equinox last week, so for the last few days, we have been enjoying a somewhat equal amount of day and night, thanks to…physics*? The spin of the Earth, where the sun is, how we orbit around it all combine to give us this phenomenon**. It also will give us a wholeContinue reading “Monday Musing: 12 and 12”

Thursday Thoughts: Internet Gratification

[Beep. Hiss. Bleep. Shhht. Bloing] Remember that? No? Well, you are lucky because that meant you had to wait. For everything. For information, pictures, email, and videos (Hamster Dance took forever). Maybe not forever, but you had time to go make a sandwich. We take not waiting for granted. Entertainment is on-demand, we can getContinue reading “Thursday Thoughts: Internet Gratification”

Tuesday Tirade: Fruit Flies (and bonus mini-rant)

First there’s one, then another, then you lift a banana out of the fruit bowl and “POOF!” a cloud of them emerges. No sir, I don’t like ‘em. I don’t have any table scraps lying around or in the garbage for that matter. I don’t have the means to compost outside, so I take allContinue reading “Tuesday Tirade: Fruit Flies (and bonus mini-rant)”