Throwback Thursday: A Two-Fer

Take a moment to day to remember and honor all the veterans and soldiers who have sacrificed so much. Sometimes it feels like it is all for naught, but imagine what it would be like without them. My blogging has evolved. Looking back to my early posts are a real eye opener. My style hasn’tContinue reading “Throwback Thursday: A Two-Fer”

Weird Wednesday: Cartoons/NaNoWriMo

I realized that my update could be a bit misleading. One reader may have thought that it was a previous day’s total (not monthly) which would be good for word count, but the coffee/beverage intake is quite alarming. So, here are the monthly totals: NaNoWriMo Totals to Date: 6400 words, 10 cups of coffee, oneContinue reading “Weird Wednesday: Cartoons/NaNoWriMo”

Time Machine Tuesday: My First Video

NaNoWriMo Update: 6000 words*, 9 cups of coffee, one cup of Earl Grey, one glass of cabernet, and a half-pint of a Session IPA. I never liked my singing voice. Limited range and it never sounded good to me. But I try sometimes. *If you are doing the math, 6000 divided by 8 equals IContinue reading “Time Machine Tuesday: My First Video”

Time Machine Tuesday: My Very First Post

As I mentioned on Sunday, I will be scaling back my posts this month as I participate in NaNoWriMo, so I’ll offer up this little nugget in the meantime: It’s been a year since I joined WordPress. I had a blog on my previous website, but it was getting very little traffic. I have enjoyedContinue reading “Time Machine Tuesday: My Very First Post”

Weird Wednesday / Inktober Day 27 (Spark): Recipe for Success (or Disaster)

Weird Wednesday: Recipe for Success (or Disaster) Flour + water = glue Flour + water + salt = glue the kids won’t eat Flour + water + salt + yeast = bread Hey, where did the glue go? The Untitled The Miniscules Subscribers enjoy an advance viewing of Friday’s interview with Elizabeth O’Carroll, ESL Teacher,Continue reading “Weird Wednesday / Inktober Day 27 (Spark): Recipe for Success (or Disaster)”

Free Book Friday / Inktober Day 8 (Watch): Looking out for #1? Right here.

Free books. Who doesn’t love ’em? [murmuring]“I do. Do you?”“Yeah. Maybe that guy over there?”“Maybe…” So, if you have been following the ongoing saga of the not-so-free-perma-free poetry book, you’ll know I have had a great time chatting with the wonderful CSRs over there at Amazon. But as they say, “Fifth times the charm.” IContinue reading “Free Book Friday / Inktober Day 8 (Watch): Looking out for #1? Right here.”

Weekend Wrap-up: Who’s been taking my peanuts?

I feed the birds all year. Not a lot in the warm months, just enough so they won’t forget me. Mostly chickadees and sparrows come to partake in the seeds and grubs, but the other day I heard the melodious squawk and gurgle of a blue jay. Perched on my rail was the blue beast.Continue reading “Weekend Wrap-up: Who’s been taking my peanuts?”

Free Book Friday: Oct 1

October. You know what that means. You missed all the Halloween stuff at the store and all the Christmas accoutrements have been placed on the shelves. Wait. What?! I know. You also missed the Thanksgiving decorations. Thankfully you have kept the centerpiece from last year…and the year before that. It also means that Inktober hasContinue reading “Free Book Friday: Oct 1”