Free Book Friday: Oct 1

October. You know what that means. You missed all the Halloween stuff at the store and all the Christmas accoutrements have been placed on the shelves. Wait. What?! I know. You also missed the Thanksgiving decorations. Thankfully you have kept the centerpiece from last year...and the year before that. It also means that Inktober has … Continue reading Free Book Friday: Oct 1

Thursday Thoughts: Fires, Floods, and Droughts. Oh My.

The International Climate Committee (or whatever they are called) came out with a dire report that said climate change is definitely caused by human activity. Really… The industrial revolution started this situation, fueled by coal, oil, greed, and consumerism, blackening the skies and blocking out sunlight for days at a time. Didn’t anyone look up … Continue reading Thursday Thoughts: Fires, Floods, and Droughts. Oh My.