Weekend Wrap-up: Feb. 6

In case you missed it, here is quick recap of some posts that I wrote, and others that I came across this week. So get a coffee or tea, sit back and enjoy. This week in my blog: Funny Friday : What are some funny things that happened during your schooling? Weird Wednesday : MoreContinue reading “Weekend Wrap-up: Feb. 6”

Weekend Wrap-up

I thought I would do a quick recap of some posts that I wrote, and others that I came across this week. So get a coffee or tea, sit back and enjoy. This week in my blog: If you want a challenge, Try this: Fun Friday: Wait. What? My thoughts on current events: Thursday Thoughts: DoContinue reading “Weekend Wrap-up”

Music Monday: Sell-out or Just Business?

A few news stories have come out over the last few weeks about musicians selling the rights to their song catalogs. Now, this is nothing new, one of the first bombshells was when Michael Jackson purchased some of The Beatles songs – which I believe were repurchased years later. Recently, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, andContinue reading “Music Monday: Sell-out or Just Business?”

Music Monday: What Music Means…to Me

I don’t know if I have ever heard anyone say the phrase: “I don’t like music.” You are more than likely to hear someone say, “That Ferrari belongs to the mime.“ I usually have music playing. Sometimes, when if I hear a new song, I can picture myself in a past experience. It is asContinue reading “Music Monday: What Music Means…to Me”

Music Monday: Music and Poetry-The Connection

I wrote this guest post for the blog Spines in a Line (great name, right?) so I decided to post it here today. Music and Poetry-The Connection When you think about poetry, music doesn’t always spring to mind. When you hear your favorite song, most people don’t connect it to a poem. Song lyrics, onContinue reading “Music Monday: Music and Poetry-The Connection”

Music Monday: So Many Genres

Music was the earliest form of artistic creation. It brought together people to share traditions and relay important cultural ideals. Do you know anyone who doesn’t like some form of music? Keep thinking… Well? That’s right. I think that it is extremely rare. And with so many styles of music to choose from, it’s difficultContinue reading “Music Monday: So Many Genres”

The Bullying Battle-The Things You Do

I have been reposting (and reworking) some of my earlier blogs-just to get everyone caught up with what I am about. Here is one with a message that has been repeated many times over, but unfortunately bears repeating. People can be mean. Real mean. From kids to adolescents to adults, it still amazes me whenContinue reading “The Bullying Battle-The Things You Do”

Music on Monday: Places (acoustic guitar)

For me, music is emotional. I think that is true for most people. Music conveys the feelings of the composer without having to explain the impetus behind it. Can these emotions be misinterpreted? Of course they can-but that isn’t a bad thing either. When I write music, I have certain ideas of what the musicContinue reading “Music on Monday: Places (acoustic guitar)”