Tuesday Tirade: Valentine’s Day

Did you think I was going to go on an Valentine’s rant? Well … Maybe, as a poet, I should pen an anti-Valentine’s poem. Well … Is there too much pressure on Valentine’s day? If you are in a relationship, do you stress coming up with the perfect gift, dinner, gesture to show your affectionContinue reading “Tuesday Tirade: Valentine’s Day”

Tuesday Tidbits: Book Trailers

I know some people think the book trailer has fallen out of fashion, but I have been playing around with some programs to create one for the first book of my sci-fi trilogy. They are kinda fun to create. Here is a sneak peek at a book trailer I’ve been working on. Might need toContinue reading “Tuesday Tidbits: Book Trailers”

Terse Verse Tuesday: Poems and Tirades

I like the convenience of eBooks, but they sure do mess up poetry, especially if you want to place pictures along with them. Formatting poetry is difficult enough in a word document. Often each page needs to be made into a new section if you want the text to be in a different configuration, butContinue reading “Terse Verse Tuesday: Poems and Tirades”

Terse Verse Tuesday: Poems and Tears

I made my beta readers cry. When I wrote the final two chapters of my trilogy, I admit I did tear up a bit. Chalk it up to investing two years with my characters and trying to come up with a fitting ending to a story that creates a satisfying conclusion. When I received theContinue reading “Terse Verse Tuesday: Poems and Tears”

Thursday Thoughts: Either Or (Or, what I’ve learned after watching a World Cup game . . . oops, match)

Either football players are either very, very good … actors? Or, Football players are very, very …fragile? Here’s a [clears throat] true story [rolls eyes]. I was at the store the other day when another customer passed me in the aisle, their long coat brushing against my leg. I immediately dropped to the floor clutchingContinue reading “Thursday Thoughts: Either Or (Or, what I’ve learned after watching a World Cup game . . . oops, match)”