Funny Friday: Humorous Poems

[Author’s Note: This is my most popular blog post.] When you think of humorous poetry, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Did you say limericks? More than likely you did. Think a little harder. There are many poets that have written poems that: Many poets, like Silverstein or Dahl have written poemsContinue reading “Funny Friday: Humorous Poems”

Funny Friday: Debates Redux

Note: I wrote this post in November, but since added a few more items to this earlier post so that I could call it: New and Improved or is it New or Improved? Maybe it’s just regurgitated… The Great (and not so great) Debates  Everyone is entitled to their opinion (that’s my opinion), but doesContinue reading “Funny Friday: Debates Redux”

Funny Friday-You Don’t Know How Much You’ve Got Left Till’ it’s Gone

Sound familiar? That’s my very loose paraphrase of a Joni Mitchell lyric. It came to me the other day (Sunday-but that really doesn’t matter) when I ran out of sriracha. I knew I needed more earlier, but I thought I could manage a few more weeks. And it was going great. Every time I usedContinue reading “Funny Friday-You Don’t Know How Much You’ve Got Left Till’ it’s Gone”

Funny Friday: Spring Cleaning

OK. It’s not spring yet, but if you are currently needing to self-isolate or experiencing the week-long Polar Vortex where you live, then you might need something to do. We will wait for the first “warm” day to throw open the windows and air out the stink. Now, on to today’s topic: Inverted Vertices andContinue reading “Funny Friday: Spring Cleaning”

Fun Friday: Wait. What?

I know what you are thinking. No, really I do. “Isn’t it supposed to be ‘Funny Friday’?”. Now you are thinking, “That sentence had way to many quotation marks and apostrophes, and I don’t think any of the punctuation was used properly.” You are probably right. So, in the end, isn’t it still Funny Friday?Continue reading “Fun Friday: Wait. What?”

Funny Friday

Quick! Say something funny. No pressure, right? Humor can be spontaneous or crafted. Either method will result in something. Notice that I didn’t say ‘something funny.’ Humor is so subjective, as I talked about here: Humor/Humour I have been approaching different book bloggers to do drum up exposure for my books. Some of them haveContinue reading “Funny Friday”

Funny Friday: When Does This Become That?

I was sitting around one day…wondering…When does this become that? After various mullings, musings, flowcharts, and scientific calculations, I came up with: Did this answer my question? Not in the least. I am however perplexed by the magical floating table… -Leon Leon Stevens is a composer, artist, and author of two books (so far): LinesContinue reading “Funny Friday: When Does This Become That?”

Funny Friday: Lost in Translation

“Do or do not. There is no try.” Well said, Yoda. But how does that nugget of wisdom come across in different languages, I wondered. So I ran it through the translator into a different language and then took that translation and converted it back to English. “Do or do not. There is no try.”Continue reading “Funny Friday: Lost in Translation”

Funny Friday: Survey 2020

Taking the pulse of the world. With my love of surveys. with a few of “The Miniscules” sprinkled throughout. Thanks for participating! Leon Stevens is a composer, artist, and author of two books (so far): Lines by Leon: Poems, Prose, and Pictures and The Knot at the End of the Rope and Other Short Stories.Continue reading “Funny Friday: Survey 2020”