Miniscule Monday: 200

On my Instagram account (@lines_by_leon) I post my cartoon, The Miniscules, under the hashtag, MinisculeMondays. On Wednesdays, I post my other cartoon, The Untitled. Not to leave my WordPress followers out of the somewhat amusing and often eyerolling and headshaking fun, I created Weird Wednesdays to share both cartoons in one place. Last week IContinue reading “Miniscule Monday: 200”

Weird Wednesday: NaNoWriMo/Cartoons

I woke up this morning and realized that I had not fully prepared my newsletter for today, or my post. Why am I telling you this? Probably because I am obsessed with word count (not really) during NaNoWriMo. I also realized that I missed posting my Miniscules cartoon to Instagram. Actually, I missed drawing itContinue reading “Weird Wednesday: NaNoWriMo/Cartoons”

Weird Wednesday: Cartoons/NaNoWriMo

I realized that my update could be a bit misleading. One reader may have thought that it was a previous day’s total (not monthly) which would be good for word count, but the coffee/beverage intake is quite alarming. So, here are the monthly totals: NaNoWriMo Totals to Date: 6400 words, 10 cups of coffee, oneContinue reading “Weird Wednesday: Cartoons/NaNoWriMo”

Weird Wednesday / Inktober Day 27 (Spark): Recipe for Success (or Disaster)

Weird Wednesday: Recipe for Success (or Disaster) Flour + water = glue Flour + water + salt = glue the kids won’t eat Flour + water + salt + yeast = bread Hey, where did the glue go? The Untitled The Miniscules Subscribers enjoy an advance viewing of Friday’s interview with Elizabeth O’Carroll, ESL Teacher,Continue reading “Weird Wednesday / Inktober Day 27 (Spark): Recipe for Success (or Disaster)”

Weird Wednesday/ Inktober Day 20 (Sprout): Cartoons Return

All previous drawings: I took a bit of a hiatus from drawing my silly little cartoons, The Miniscules and The Untitled. Was it worth it? I was hoping to build up a few in the queue, but I only did a couple. Curse you Inktober!! The Untitled The Miniscules Lines by Leon Newsletter: OctoberContinue reading “Weird Wednesday/ Inktober Day 20 (Sprout): Cartoons Return”

Weird Wednesday / Inktober Day 6 (Spirit): Not-so-Super Superpowers

Let’s get to Inktober’s business first: All previous drawings: Weird Wednesdays: Not so Super Superpowers Some superheroes use their powers for evil—[boo, hiss]—others for the good of humanity—[Yay!]. Superpowers come in all forms: genetic, accidental, mutation, experimental, or otherworldly intervention. We can’t all be so lucky (unlucky?), but we all have some hidden talent.Continue reading “Weird Wednesday / Inktober Day 6 (Spirit): Not-so-Super Superpowers”

Weird Wednesday: Directionally Challenged

Question: Which way do you insert a USB connector?Answer: The first way you tried before flipping it over. Question: Which way do you turn the steering wheel when backing up a trailer?Answer: Not that way, but it’s too late, you’re in the bushes. Question: Which way loosens a garden hose or a nut on aContinue reading “Weird Wednesday: Directionally Challenged”

Weird Wednesday: Blast from the (not so distant) Past – Part 2

Six months ago, it was the beginning of spring. The sun was tracing the same route across the sky, yet now, the temperature and wind feels like an ending, rather than a rebirth. The 19 degrees (Celsius), which felt absolutely balmy now, has a chill to it. The wind seems to be a harbinger ofContinue reading “Weird Wednesday: Blast from the (not so distant) Past – Part 2”