Free Book Friday April 7: It’s a First! In Conversation with Nicole Pierman – Revisited

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In Conversation with Nicole Pierman

When I remembered that April was National Poetry Month, I thought it would be fun to revisit some previous interviews. So here, is the conversation I had with author/poet Nicole Pierman two years ago, complete with our thoughts.

I want to welcome Nicole back for the twenty-month anniversary of our first interview. You haven’t aged a day. What’s your secret?

Genetics, sunscreen, and a daily skincare routine.

Well, congrats on having great DNA. I seem to be aging at an exponential rate, so let’s jump right in and do some reminiscing. I’m sure we will have some comments throughout, so don’t be shy.

This interview was originally posted on September 3, 2021, but without the commentary.

Today I have the pleasure of sitting down with author and baker extraordinaire Nicole Pierman. Thanks for stopping by.

Thank you so much for having me, Leon! Especially after that Bookfunnel promo disaster. I’m still not sure what happened, but I felt horrible when my name disappeared from your promo list. But I guess it’s a good thing in an odd sort of way because now we’re talking!

I see there are some puzzled looks out there. I am running a BookFunnel promo called New Poets but as Nicole said, her book mysteriously disappeared. So this is the next best thing. 

[Leon: Did you ever figure out what happened?]
[Nicole: I have no idea, but it hasn’t happened since with any other promos. I suppose it was a one in a million issue.]

I read that you are a coffee aficionado. I hope that my French press coffee will be satisfactory. Do you have a favorite bean/roast?

I think your French press coffee is more than satisfactory! I like dark roast coffee, but I stopped making my own coffee because I simply don’t have time since the beginning of 2020 (I wonder what happened in 2020). But my French press is somewhere in my kitchen, patiently waiting for me to bring it out and into the light.

I think you should.

[Leon: Did you know you can get a French press at IKEA for under $10? I was there the other day and bought another one, not because I needed it but just in case, I’m bound to break my original.]
[Nicole: I haven’t been into an IKEA for at least a decade and I don’t have an IKEA near me. But I did get a fantastic $3.50 latte from a local coffee joint that was to die for. I love finding small businesses that are hanging on AND rocking it, even after the mess that was the COVID-19 pandemic.]

So, you have a couple of books out there—do you have a personal favorite?

Yes, I have three poetry books out and my fourth and final poetry book will be released on September 21st, 2021. I can’t honestly choose a favorite because they’re all personal to me (as all poems are if you’re spilling your guts out). Though, the poetry book that is deeply personal is my fourth poetry book, Teal Nostalgia. So, if you’re looking for poetry that’s extremely personal and often disturbing, I’d suggest that one.

 But honestly, I wanted to release my poetry before my novels because I want to learn about Amazon ads, online marketing, and setting up promotions. Poetry is extremely niche, so my rationale was, if I can sell my poetry books, I can sell novels. So far, I’m doing fairly well!

[Leon: Have you written that novel yet?]
[Nicole: Yes! I have three full-length novels out now. At the end of 2023, I will be starting an Urban Fantasy Detective book series that I’m really excited about.]
[Leon: Wow, busy, busy. Any more poetry books?]
[Nicole: No, and I don’t think I’ll write another unless it’s in the similar vein as Paradise Found, which are one liner poems. I wrote the majority of my poetry when I was going through trauma therapy, per my therapist’s suggestion. It was one of the best ways to release emotions that I couldn’t (yet) speak aloud. Most of those poems are in my fourth poetry chapbook, Teal Nostalgia. I’m proud of all my chapbooks and the individual poems, but I’m one of those poets where I have to be depressed and angsty to write poetry, and that hasn’t been me for 4 years (and counting). Which is great for me because I’ve healed from my past and I’m very happy. Maybe not so much if you want more chapbooks out of me.]
[Leon: I hear you. I only have one more poetry book since last time. Not all poetry needs to be deep, healing, and soul-searching, but often that is the catalyst for poets.]

That’s good to hear. Even as a niche market, there is still a lot of competition. Your book, Paradise Found, reads like a mental inventory of thoughts that you need to get out before they consume you. Does that capture the intent? 

That’s a great way of putting it! I was struggling with a lot of personal issues when I was in college and was then introduced to one-line/brevity poetry randomly online, so I thought I’d give it a go because I needed an outlet. Hundreds of poems and six years later, Paradise Found was finally published.

What makes you want to write?

A burning sensation in the back of my head telling me I have to write, edit, and read constantly.

[Leon: Does this still hold true?]
[Nicole: Yes, absolutely! I don’t think that will ever change.]

I’m self-published as well. Do you have any advice for indie authors?

I highly suggest following David Gaughran for any self-published writer, whether you write nonfiction or fiction. He’s helped me immensely with his free marketing course on his website. I wouldn’t be where I am today without David and his course.

[Leon: I did take your advice. David’s newsletters are quite informative.]
[Nicole: That’s great to hear! I also joined Bryan Cohen’s Ad School in October 2022 and have learned even more.]
[Leon: That’s right! I remember seeing you there!]

That’s good to know. I’ve heard of him, so I’ll definitely check him out. Is there a book that you have read more than once?

Other than children’s books I read as a child, no. There’s too many books to read and so little time to read them that I’ll read a book once and then move on.

You mention music on your website, so why don’t you share some of your favs? 

I enjoy any type of music that involves actual music and little to no autotune. My favorite music genres are Metal, Rock, Celtic, Country, and all the subgenres of Alternative. Well, minus anything regarding Goth and Emo. I passed that music phase in my life after 10th grade.

[Leon: Has your taste in music changed?]
[Nicole: Not really, though I love finding new musicians/bands to enjoy. Even if I don’t listen to full albums 95% of the time, if they have a few songs I enjoy, those will be on repeat.]

That’s a diverse selection.  Care to list a band for each? I’m always on the lookout for something new.

I love Flogging Molly, Nick 13, Tiger Army, Mike Ness, Social Distortion, Slipknot, Stone Sour, ACDC, The Rumjacks, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Misfits, Dead Kennedys, Queen, Stevie Nicks, Old Crow Medicine Show, Midland, and Seamus Kennedy. And those bands are just the start! I love music and could go on, but we’d be here for days.

[Leon: You should check out my Music Monday feature on my blog.]
[Nicole: Sounds like a plan! ]

A good mix! Is there a song or genre you are embarrassed to like?

I don’t believe in song or genre embarrassment, honestly. Life is too short to not enjoy something you love because other people are (possibly) judging you.

That’s very true! Let’s talk about baking. What is your signature dish…no, that doesn’t sound right…signature loaf? Whatever, you know what I mean…

I definitely know what you mean! I try to stay away from eating a lot of bread because of all the carbs. I enjoy baking brownies and cupcakes of all kinds. I’m open to all baked goodies! 


Here comes a series of quick-draw questions. Ready? 

Yes! Ready, set…go? 

[Leon: Want to try something fun?]
[Nicole: Yes, but with certain legal conditions.]
[Leon: Of course. I’ll give you the same questions as before. Let’s see if they match!]
[Nicole: I’m ready, Freddy!]

Drive, bike, or walk?
Walk. I have a driving phobia I’m still trying to get over. I’m okay driving at night, so there’s some improvement!
Breakfast, lunch, or dinner?
Dinner. I don’t eat breakfast. For some reason, ever since I was a kid, it makes my stomach hurt to eat breakfast. So, I have to wait until 11am-12pm to eat a meal. I can have a banana or something small if I’m feeling up to it.
I concur! Can you open your eyes underwater?
Yes, I grew up around the water and learned to swim as a toddler.
What number am I thinking of?
666, the number of the beast.
Rain or shine?
Shine, but I don’t mind rain.
Cat nap or full-on snooze?
Full-on snooze. I can’t nap or else it throws my whole schedule off.

[Leon: Pretty much all the same answers except last time you told me it had to be 3 because it was your favorite.]
[Nicole: I just wanted to throw you a curveball and see if you got the song reference.][Leon: It is a classic.]

Well, I must admit, that was fun, but our time has come to an end. Shall we share with our readers our updated links.

Thank you for the interview, Leon! You can find me on these platforms:

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Published by Leon Stevens

I am an author, composer, and an artist. I published my first book of poetry: Lines by Leon – Poems, Prose, and Pictures in January 2020 and a book of original classical guitar compositions. My latest book is a short story compilation of science fiction/post-apocalyptic tales called, The Knot at the End of the Rope and Other Short Stories.

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