Free Book Friday March 11: In Conversation with PD Alleva

PD Alleva writes thrillers. Whether those thrillers are Sci-Fi Fantasy’s about Alien Vampires attempting to subjugate the human race, or steeped in a haunting mystery, or an urban paranormal fantasy, PD always provides readers with a profound, entertaining, and satisfying reader experience, in a new genre he has coined as alternative fiction.

In Conversation With: PD Alleva

Today I have the pleasure of sitting down with author,  PD Alleva. Thanks for entertaining us with a visit. Can I offer you anything to drink?

Sure, I can go for a Manhattan Special Coffee Soda. Sounds like a good idea.

 [whispering] Why does everyone have such complicated—
Umm, certainly. Just give me a few moments.
Here you go. Now then, let’s get started. Do you have much interaction with your readers?

Yes, through my mailing list and reader group on Facebook. I have frequent interaction with readers and it’s kind of cool in my opinion.

You cited that one of your earliest movie favorites was They Live. I have to agree. I think it’s one of the best underrated sci-fi movies. Low budget and Rowdy Roddy Piper. Thoughts?

You had me at Rowdy Roddy Piper plus John Carpenter frigin rocks. You can’t get much better than political themes where the rich are aliens we can’t see because a frequency blocks our ability to do so but if you have these special sunglasses that block the frequency you see all the aliens living among us. Frigin fantastic movie. Genius really. Plus, with one-liners like “I have come here to chew bubble gum and kick ass…and I’m all outta bubble gum,” you can’t go wrong.

I think a movie like that paved the way for others like Mars Attacks and The World’s End.
What was the first book that really blew you away?

That’s a tie between A Tell-Tale Heart and Something Wicked This Way Comes (both read at the age of 12) but I’d have to say it was It by the King which cemented in my writing mind that there are no limits to the imagination.

Yeah, King is kinda a good writer.
You have 10 books out at the moment. Do you try to keep a regular schedule of releases, or do you write when the mood strikes?

I like to take me time with a book, sometimes years if necessary. I wrote The Rose Vol 1 in 2018 and it was released in late 2020. Golem was also written in 2018 and was released last October. Typically I’m writing and editing about two books a year but I’m always doing something, either writing or editing. Every once in a while I’ll take a little time off to decompress and slip back slowly into madness. That’s where the stories are, so I must return to find more.

What book are you most proud of?

That’s like asking me which of my four kids I’m most proud of, each one has their own pride and accomplishments. They’re all fantastic and hold a significant place in my heart. Golem is my first horror novel but The Rose is my first sci-fi series, but both are completely different so its hard to choose just one, although those two are high on the list, however, if I had to pick just one, it would have to go to my upcoming horror novel, Jigglyspot and the Zero Intellect, or what I call my covid quarantine, satirical cosmic grindhouse horror fantasy thriller novel. Clocking in at over 150 thousand words, Jigglyspot is an insane romp across America that’s sure to insult just about everyone, except the smart humans of course. Are you a smart human?

I like to think I sit in the meaty part of the curve.
Would you go into space?

Of course, without a doubt.

What about Mars?

So, here’s my plan. Be alive at the age of 150 years old and take a trip to Mars. I’m thinking that a hundred years from now going to Mars will be like going to Cleveland with frequent shuttles. Then hang out on Mars for a while before I have my body cryogenically frozen and set in a pod to be hurled into space towards Orion’s Belt where I can meet with my ancestors and provide the necessary details that the human experiment has failed miserably. Then again, if interstellar travel is as easy as what I wrote in The Rose Vol 2, getting to Orion’s belt can happen a lot easier than having to be cryogenically frozen.

I’m sure there is a Cleveland joke in there somewhere. At least Mars will then have the Planetary Rock Hall of Fame. Speaking of music, I always ask about musical tastes. What are yours?

It’s a mixed bag and depends on where the mood is, but on the regular: Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, grunge music in general, GNR, The Doors, and then there’s always Louie Armstrong, Frank Sinatra, Doo Wop, and classical.

In your bio, you say you like to meditate. Give us a tip for successful meditation

Start slow, 2-5 minutes at a time. Take slow steady deep inhales with your nose and then a slow steady exhale across the lips but don’t force your exhale, allow your lungs to do the work. If you get distracted focus on the distraction (it’ll go away). No excuses, and no limiting belief systems like “I can’t meditate. I can’t focus,” because excuses are bullshit, plus the entire point of meditation is to have no thoughts, but you can’t get to that state of mind without processing the thoughts first. If it’s a negative thought that needs a solution (i.e. How am I going to pay my bills), give it a healthy solution and watch the solution manifest, if your thoughts are negative without solutions (i.e. I’m worthless, or I want to rip her throat out) focus on your breathing (or heart) and that thought will go away. Then write a short story about ripping her throat out, because writing is a very healthy outlet and there’s no jail time involved.

OK . . . Tell me about your latest book, The Rose Vol 2. Would I be lost if I didn’t read Vol 1?

Yes, you’d be very lost if you didn’t read Vol 1, Vol 2 picks up immediately after Vol 1. The Rose series is about a species of alien vampires living in hollow earth who have conspired with elite humans and alien greys to subjugate the human population after WW3 by using a pharmaceutical that destroys grey matter in the brain, essentially turning the human population into easily controlled zombies. Ninety percent of Vol 1 takes place in an underground medical compound where the aliens are performing genetic experiments on humans and developing the necessary pharmaceutical. Only problem with the drug is that the chemist uses an opiate-based chemistry in the pills that turns the alien vampires into raging addicted monsters.

Vol 2 is where the depth comes in.  More alien conspiracies, a trip into hollow earth to Drac City (where the alien vampires live), across war torn America and beneath the ocean. I got to play around with some fantastic alien concepts and theories, science of mind concepts, interstellar travel, multiple dimensions, parallel universes, and philosophical concepts.

Do you find it difficult to write in different genres?

Not at all. Each genre satisfies at least one of the personalities floating around in my head. And they all want to be fed.

Are you ready for the lightning round?


Star Wars or Star Trek?
Star Wars
Favorite city?
Soup or sandwich?
Sandwich definitely
What is the capital of Canada?

Well, it looked like we are out of our allotted time. This has been a pleasure. Thanks for chatting.

Thank you for having me. Had a good time myself.

Any links you want to share?

Yes, of course I have links, don’t we all?

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The story behind Free Book Friday:

I’ve met many authors and readers during my time marketing, cross-promoting, and blogging. I think writers have a responsibility to inform readers about all the indie authors out there in the very crowded world of book publishing. You can’t do it alone, and why would you when you have a supportive group available?

Readers don’t just read one author – they stick with their favorite genres. There lies the power in cross-promotion. If one of my readers buys a book from an author I promote, then chances are there will be a reciprocal effect, or so is the hope. Do I want to boost sales? Of course I do. Do I want to boost other’s sales? Why not. It’s called karma.

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Leon Stevens is a multi-genre author, composer, guitarist, songwriter, and an artist, with a Bachelor of Music and Education. He published his first book of poetry, Lines by Leon: Poems, Prose, and Pictures in January 2020, followed by a book of original classical guitar compositions, Journeys, and a short story collection of science fiction/post-apocalyptic tales called The Knot at the End of the Rope and Other Short Stories. His newest publications are the novella trilogy, The View from Here, which is a continuation of one of his short stories, and a new collection of poetry titled, A Wonder of Words.

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Oh, pick me!
C’mon, space stuff!

Sign up for my weekly newsletter and receive a free book!

Oh, pick me!
C’mon, space stuff!

Published by Leon Stevens

I am an author, composer, and an artist. I published my first book of poetry: Lines by Leon – Poems, Prose, and Pictures in January 2020 and a book of original classical guitar compositions. My latest book is a short story compilation of science fiction/post-apocalyptic tales called, The Knot at the End of the Rope and Other Short Stories.

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