Weird Wednesday: What a Waste / Cartoons

I was flossing last night—as I always do— and I was struck by not how much I use, but how much I don’t use. Let me explain:

After I pull out the desired length, I wrap some around my finger, then, as it slips off, I proceed to wrap more because of course, floss slips. Gripping the other end tightly, but not tightly enough, forces me to wrap the end around my other finger until only a short length it available for use.

Now, flossing requires an orchestrated ballet of movements, as the used potion is wound, while the other is unwound. In the end, most of the floss has been used only to maintain tautness. I would suspect that 50% of all floss never experiences the joy of the dance of oral hygiene.

At least my dentist gives me free floss.


This reminded me of another dental related post:

Weird Wednesdays: Not so Super Superpowers (Posted on Oct 6, 2021)

Some superheroes use their powers for evil—[boo, hiss]—others for the good of humanity—[Yay!]. Superpowers come in all forms: genetic, accidental, mutation, experimental, or otherworldly intervention.

We can’t all be so lucky (unlucky?), but we all have some hidden talent. Maybe not talent enough to be on that show—or that other show that’s kinda like that show, but something that when harnessed can only be described as…well, meh.

Some people may use their talent for evil—[boo, hiss]—others for…well, for themselves, never to be revealed to humanity. Sometimes people just need to know, so here is your chance. I’ll go first.

My not-so-super-superpower is the ability to get toothpaste out of the tube long after most people would have given up and tossed it away. How long, you ask? Days? Yes. Weeks? It’s been done.

What’s your not-so-super superpower?

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