Weekend Wrap-up Dec 11: Winter – A Poem

It was v-v-very c-c-c-c-cold for a few d-d-d-days last week, then it became warmer, and now they (the weather people) are forecasting above freezing temperatures tomorrow. It made me think of this poem that I wrote and posted in February:


If you have never seen the hoarfrost cling
To wires, fences, posts, and trees
If you have never witnessed heavy snow
On every tree branch hanging low
If you have never watched the ice floes beat
Upon frigid shores too cold for feet
Ventured across a frozen lake, I’ve done
With sundogs adorning the low noon sun
I’ve trudged with snowshoes on wind-blown drifts
Even biked by snowy cliffs
Shoveled walks and pushed out cars
Watched breath become a frozen cloud
When others dare not go outside
I’ll fear not, I will not hide
I do often dream of warmer climes
But I sure would miss the wintertime

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