Weekend Wrap-up / Inktober Day 23 (Leak): What can you draw?

October 23: Leak (What’s not confidential is the name of the manicurist…Don’t go there.)

All previous drawings: https://linesbyleon.com/inktober/

I’ve been told I’m good at drawing hands. Well, the left hand…or the right hand when it’s holding a pen or pencil.

I’m blown away by how some artists can draw with such realism. Talent? Of course. Practice? Definitely. So, any chance I get to draw a hand I’ll take.

Ask me to draw some eyes and I’ll break out into a cold sweat.

From my blog this week:

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From the blogs of others:

#PictureOfTheDay and #writingprompt: 22/Oct/21 – I always enjoy Stuart’s photos..

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