Weekend Wrap-up: Who’s been taking my peanuts?

I feed the birds all year. Not a lot in the warm months, just enough so they won’t forget me. Mostly chickadees and sparrows come to partake in the seeds and grubs, but the other day I heard the melodious squawk and gurgle of a blue jay. Perched on my rail was the blue beast.

I know blue jays like peanuts, so after getting peanuts, I put a few out. The next day they were gone, and I repeated the action. Again, I did not see the culprit, assuming it was the blue jay, but it could have been the squirrel.

Now, there is no free ride for the birds—I wasn’t prepared to have an all-you-can-eat-buffet. They have to work for it. By work, I mean they have to overcome their fear and be able to co-exist. The chickadees have eaten out of my hand, and last fall, some flew into my apartment to chirp at me for not refilling the bowl.

I heard the jay outside, so I placed a peanut on the rail and sat and read. Moments later, a blue streak came in for a strafing run, and I heard the “ting” of claws on metal as it grabbed the peanut in mid-flight.

Mystery solved.

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