Weekend Wrap-up: No News is Good News?

My coffee is done. I’m still kinda tired. I usually write something here, but this morning I’ll take a pass.

“You did write something, though.”

” I guess I did.”

“So, would you like to retract your previous statement?”

“Not really.”

“OK. Fair enough.”

From my blog this week:

Free Book Friday: On Friday this week!* – Yay!

Promote Yourself Thursdays: Two Options – We all need to do some shameless self-promotion sometimes

Thursday Thoughts: These Dreams. – Not the song by Heart.

Weird Wednesday: Blast from the (not so distant) Past – Revisiting “Hide-and-Seek”

Tuesday Tirade: Trash Talk – Not good natured chirping.

Monday Musing: Open Book Blog Hop – What the heck did I write about?

From the blogs of other’s:

Viognier (haiku)* – Poetry and wine in one glass!

Throwback Thursday #4 – Pets – I had some. Now I don’t.

Another Year Older… – Happy Birthday!

Robbie’s Inspiration – poetry Worth a read!

Have a good weekend!


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