Tuesday Tirade: The Egg.

Angry cat has returned

Edited Aug 17 Thanks, Clive for the eggformation.

Eggs. One of history’s oldest food sources. At one time—not that long ago—we were told that eggs are high in cholesterol and that we should limit our consumption. Then—not that long ago—eggs were OK. Just don’t eat the yolk. But that’s the best part!. The worst part is that little white squiggly thing attached to the yolk. Blech… (Oh, I’ll eat it, it’s a pain to separate it). Now it’s an all clear for eggs.

Eggs should be kept in the refrigerator—although, I have heard that in some countries, eggs are kept at room temperature. It scares me just bringing them home from the store in the summer.

Don’t eat raw eggs. Why not? (yes, I know – Salmonella) but Rocky did it, and it’s in Caesar salad dressing. Oh, and they are in my mom’s homemade eggnog, but I suspect that all the booze in it (rum, brandy, vodka) sterilizes any dangerous pathogens (and makes it yummy).

The Piece de Resistance: Peeling the egg.

Sometimes, the shell comes right off in two or three pieces, leaving a pristine white ovoid of deliciousness. More often, after cracking and fighting with the shell bits and clingy membrane, you are left with ½ and egg—if you’re lucky.

I have tried every (yes, every) method of preparing a hard-boiled egg to make the dream of a perfectly peeled egg a reality. (Boy, I need better dreams.)

 If you have a foolproof method (Leonproof?) in producing an easily peeled egg, I would be interested in hearing it.


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5 thoughts on “Tuesday Tirade: The Egg.

  1. Since we got our OnePot and have done boiled eggs in it I’ve NEVER struggled to peel an egg. The shell slides off like a charm. Of course it’s a lot of money to spend on a fool-proof egg peeler. Luckily it is an appliance we use regularly;0)

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