Weird Wednesday: June 30

Languages are weird. I’m not a linguistics expert, I’m not even an expert in the English language.

 Every so often, I come across a word that makes me think: Why is it like that? For example: CON – tent vs. con-TENT – Same word, two different meanings. Talk about lazy.

Here are some other thoughts:

  • Why do we have double consonants? Double vowels I get—kinda
  • About vowels, Yes, there are long and short, so why didn’t we just put the dash or curve above to denote the quality?
  • Silent letters. What are they hiding? A nif?
  • Homophones like hair/hare, deer/dear, heir/air, bear/bare…Vocabulary increases over time. I’m sure our English-speaking ancestors had more than enough words to go around.
  • Why not spell phonically? Iz that so tuf?
  • How did “io” come to represent “sh”?



The Miniscules

That’s all the weirdness for today.


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