Thursday Thoughts: Words and Letters

I was cleaning my keyboard the other day (Why do I insist on eating crackers and scones while I write?) and I noticed that there are some keys that are nice and shiny, while others are in the same condition as when I purchased it. Rather than do any solid research, I decided to let this train of thought go for a trip.

There is a reason certain letters are worth more in scrabble, and why Wheel of Fortune finally gave contestants the letters they always chose.  

The keyboard configuration that is most common is the QWERTY keyboard, but there are different ones out there based on the frequency of keystrokes. I don’t think the QWERTY is the most efficient, but I don’t know which one is—I’m sure it would be hard to get all businesses and industries on board to change it, just like ignoring the metric system (Yeah, I’m talking to you, USA).

We used to call it typing class in high school. I know! Remember typewriter drills?: aaaa ssss dddd ffff… Don’t you dare make a mistake. That was one loud room. There is a concerto written for typewriter and orchestra.

Do…you…read…every…word…individually…or…can …you…look…at…the…sentence…as…one…unit?


T s ls pssbl t rd mst wrds wth th vwls rmvd. Lngr wrds r lss chllgng.

The only word that you can spell with all the letters of anagram is: Anagram

Palindrome isn’t a palindrome

And finally, here are my Top Ten most used keys (in no particular order):

10. A
9. S
8. C
7. E
6. D
5. R
4. O
3. N
2. T
1. I
0. M (I miscounted, so here is a bonus)

What does it spell? Ascedrontim – sounds like a pharmaceutical, doesn’t it?


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