Weekend Wrap-up: May 28

Quick! How many days in May? August? What about March? Can you instantly recall that information? You are lucky. I sure can’t. If you are like me, you had to start to recite: “Thirty days, has September, April, June…” and once you eliminated those ones, you came to the answer of 31.

Did you know if you put your fists together with your index fingers touching, starting from the left, each knuckle is a 31 day month and the dips are all 30 (except for that weird February which I can never remember what year is a leap year). Sure you have knuckle left over, and you have to point with your nose, but hey, it works.

I can recall many facts when I watch Jeopardy, many more if I have recorded it and press pause (not to Google, just to think). When I comes to math, I wish I was able to recall certain facts without resorting to tricks. I suppose mathematicians and scientists have a good memory and are able remember and recall what they learn instantly. Same goes for musicians. There’s an upcoming post in there – if I remember to write it. Now where was I…?

From my blog this week

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