Decisions, decisions

I went to pick up shampoo the other day. The questions needed to complete this task came at me fast and furious:

Is my hair fine? Sure, I guess it’s doing OK.

Dry & damaged? Isn’t everyone’s?

Needing of fuller body? Maybe.

Fizz control? Shoudn’t have used the last one.

Do I want conditioning? Yes. I suppose.

In need of a silky sheen? Does it ever!

Dandruff? Who am I, my dad?

How much grey hair am I getting? (Oh yeah. Gonna be just like my dad)

Does it have cracked and split ends? How should I know?

How long have I been standing here? Hey, look! This one is cheaper. Now just to quickly grab a tube of toothpaste.

Wait. What the…!?


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