NaPoWriMo: Day 24 (Animals)


Sometimes the prompts are too specific.

Poetry Prompt from NaPoWriMo: Find a factual article about an animal. A Wikipedia article or something from National Geographic would do nicely – just make sure it repeats the name of the animal a lot. Now, go back through the text and replace the name of the animal with something else – it could be something very abstract, like “sadness” or “my heart,” or something more concrete, like “the streetlight outside my window that won’t stop blinking.” You should wind up with some very funny and even touching combinations, which you can then rearrange and edit into a poem.

Write a poem about an animal…Got it.

The Cat Says "Meh"

I often wonder 
What animals think
Exercising free will
Or running on instinct

The smaller the creature 
The less it has choice
I suppose that’s the case
What would they say with their voice

I can’t see a housefly 
Trying to have fun
But the dog in the park
Enjoys fetch and run

The birds come to my balcony 
At the same time each day
If I’m late they do tell me
I guess they trained me you could say

To know their thoughts 
I could surely wish
As Adams quite elegantly put it
So long and thanks for all the fish


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