NaPoWriMo: Day 19 (Time to rant. Yay!)


Poetry Prompt from NaPoWriMo:  Write a humorous rant. In this poem, you may excoriate to your heart’s content all the things that get on your nerves.

When I read this prompt, I thought “Great! Two of my favorite things: humor and complaining.” Turns out it’s not so easy…to stop.


We love to complain
It’s a right we have you know
As I began to write
The complaints started to flow

There are so many aspects
Of everyday life
If you have a few moments
I’ll tell you of strife

I wake up with the birds
Not the melodious type
The crows in the trees
Gearing up for a fight

When the tomatoes looked red
Under the produce light
Then I bring them home 
And they don’t look quite right

Bananas bright yellow
When picked the best bunch
Three days later
They all ripened at once

(Don’t get me started on the avocados)

We can put a man on the moon
You’d think that they could
Make toilet paper perforations
That tear as they should

You bought the pet
You must feed and walk it
Don’t be a jerk
Pick up your dog’s s@%#

Running out of time, so…
“I” before “e” except every other time you think you’re correct
You thought you right but then “What the heck?”
The woman who threw her cigarette on the ground before entering the store
When I called her out, she shrugged and chose to ignore
The guy who zoomed past, cutting me off the other day
Then turned on his blinker and turns right away

I’d like to go on
I need to bring this to an end
I’m just making dinner
And my rice is boiling over (again)

Read it again on (yes, I do get paid/read): Day 19

Leon Stevens is a blogger, composer, artist, and an author of three books (so far): Lines by Leon: Poems, Prose, and PicturesJourneys: Eight Original Pieces for Classical Guitar and The Knot at the End of the Rope and Other Short Stories.

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