NaPoWriMo : Day 9 (The Runner)


Poetry Prompt from NaPoWriMo: Write a poem in the form of a “to-do list.” The fun of this prompt is to make it the “to-do list” of an unusual person or character.

I have to admit, a poem a day is hard. But not as hard as:

The Runner

Need to stretch
In my memory the route I did etch
Stay warm, move to the front
What is with the need to grunt?
Get into position
Follow the pacer - my mission
Here we go, you can do this
One foot in front of the other
Take in the view
All of this is something new
No need to rush or hurry
I don’t want the experience to be blurry
Take a drink
My leg hurts - Don’t think
I will not walk
Why does he feel the need to talk
Don’t stop
Don’t stop
Feeling good, having a ball
I think I just avoided “The Wall”
Don’t stop
Don't stop
Don’t stop
Don't stop
Deep in thought, the starting gun so long ago
Where did the last four miles go?
A sharp left turn, then a curve to the right
The finish line is just in sight
Thinking that I’m almost done - until...
Why did they put in that hill?
Cross the line and look around
The friends I started with not to be found
Oh yeah, I remember as I sit to recoup
I’m the fastest of the group

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