Book Covers Part 3: The Finalists

After some feedback and design tips, I decided to go with a more monochrome/B&W concept to emulate the early days of science fiction writing.

I have narrowed it down to five choices.

Which one catches your eye?

Take the Survey: Book Cover Survey or make your comments below.

Your input is appreciated!


You can see what my old cover was below:

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6 thoughts on “Book Covers Part 3: The Finalists

    • I have to agree with Shruba re: No 3 about the prominence of the author’s name. I also like the 2000 movie feeling of the font and play on the page BUT I’d like to see the title a bit thicker.
      I also like No. 5. The title really stands out to me. If the Author’s name was as prominent as No. 3, this would tie it up for me.
      Hope this helps, Leon! And looking forward to your short stories, my friend. How awesome!

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