April is National Poetry Month: Free book contest

I usually forget the multitude of themed (International and National) days and months. I recently noticed that the Google logo doesn’t announce them anymore – at least mine doesn’t. But since becoming a writer, poet, and blogger, I’ve been trying to use them more for topics in my posts.

In preparation of National Poetry Month, I’m running a contest to give you a chance to win your purchase of my poetry book. It was pretty exciting to receive my first printing of my book last year and hold my creation in my hands. With all the shutdowns that happened in 2020, it was difficult to market in physical locations. But with some creative initiatives, and the local entrepreneurs setting up online shopping platforms, I was able to get books in the hands of readers.

I only 50 copies of my paperback remaining, so I hope that you will take advantage of this offer. It is only open for US and Canadian residents, due to shipping costs. Here is the scoop:

  • Purchase a signed paperback from me here: Books and Merch
  • Enter your name here: Win your Purchase
  • On April 2, I’ll draw one entrant and refund their purchase price

I hope that I can get my book into your hands!


One thought on “April is National Poetry Month: Free book contest

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