Weird Wednesday: The Miniscules

I like to sketch and draw, but for some reason, I could not consistently draw people-or cartoons. Not being one to give up, I decided to give up. But, I had all these oddly humorous situations that needed an outlet. So I came up with “The Miniscules”.

Some of the situations encountered were inspired by current events, others because they are so tiny, or the combination of the two. I began to post them on Instagram under the tag -minisculemondays. Seeing that my Mondays here were taken by my love of music, I’ll share some of my favorites and catch you up to date.

I’ll start with some of my originals and show how they evolved from a crude scrawl to a not so crude scrawl-but with a fancy border!

Weird? Yup. Laugh out loud hilarity? That’s still up for debate…


Instagram @lines_by_leon

3 thoughts on “Weird Wednesday: The Miniscules

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